Thursday, 12 July 2012

ATDML Cyber Crop - Jubilee layout

I'm still working on finishing the ATDML cyber crop classes.  This morning I finished the Jubilee layout created by the wonderwoman that is Ann Freeman, who packs so much into her life I'm surprised she ever sleeps.

I loved this layout which used 7 Gypsies Postale papers.  I really like 7 Gypsies products but sometimes am stumped as to how to use the papers.  Ann solved this problem brilliantly.  I had the kit from ATDML and there's enough product left over for at least one more layout.  Fantastic value for money.

Anyway here's my interpretation of Ann's class:

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  1. I'm still plodding away with these - this is a lovely one from Ann- well adapted by you -fab!